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Dinghy results January 16 2016.

Dinghy results January 16 2016

It was all made possible by Dave and Helen Peters manning the committee boat, Beth and
Louie manning the blue rib thanking for giving up your  time on a bright and cold light winds day .
The excuses came flooding in by txt :

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Dinghy Winter Series 2015

Dinghy WInter Series 2015

Saturday 7th November
6 Laser owners rocked  up last Saturday for the beginning of the Dinghy season. The safety boats were manned by: committee boat - Washie and Dave B, the blue rib - Capt Simon and Kim Rear Commodore and back up rib: Ryan H, Craig and the girls. Shore side it was Nikki and Huw.

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Dinghy report 6th Dec 14


After two weeks of being hammered Craigie tried another idea as the Laser pack gathered around like wild wolves baying for blood Craig stood proudly alongside his new toy . Poking out of the grass it looked like a Dart 15 , calls of you must be joking it hasn't been out for years ,where's the dagger boards and looks a long way to fall and I'm not rescuing that Craig grimed  as only Craig can .

At least it took the pressure of Dave C who had promised to bring his new RS Aero along but just said didn't have room in the car we'll have to wait for his next visit , quess how big the main is on an Aero  only 8.2 bigger than Phil's monster Laser rooster rig .

An ex Commodore turned up to man the orange rib only Washie back to his roots from sailing other peoples big boats . Dave Battye rules  supremo turned up from his sick bed caused a look of worry on the face  of  Mike Thorne back from playing golf and riding motor bikes when he recognised him .Mike had forgotten his watch and his hickers  were last seen in Bermuda


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Dinghy Races 15th November 2014

After two weeks of gales and rain on previous Saturdays was great to see 9 dinghies turn up to do battle at HSC.

Holyhead had turned back to Holy Med with sunny skies with steady breeze.

The plan was an early start for the sailing,then Rugby on the big screen in the club then the presentation dinner dance in the club house in the evening.

With 2 safety boats required due to numbers Niki another new member manned well women'd the girly orange rib with Helen P who has been spotted sitting in a Laser earlier last month.

Louie new member manned the launch with Cogger to be the committee boat .

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Dinghy Report 22nd Nov 14

Race winner John B .

"It's a grey whale" was the shout that went up last  Saturday 22nd 2014. Oh no it's not was the reply it's Capt Simon and crew man  James  M. YDO in Simons Grey rib.
Due to the explosion in numbers of entries , 11 big boys and 6 little boys and girl , an urgent request went out for help and Capt Simon stepped up to the mark .
Dave Battye and Cogger manned the launch with the girly team of Nikki and Helen P womaned  the orange rib.

After last weeks disaster with his  little Laser sail Craig went Large this week and guess what the wind picked up more later.

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Dinghy Report 25th Oct 14

The dinghy season kicked off with 3 Lasers turning up with no wind at HSC
The record for the most travelled must be a record as Cogger received a txt at 8am
" in Stafford services having  breakfast hold the start"
From newly rejoined and newly retired Dave Charles Evans .who only left at 4am to enter the event  300 miles plus at least his boat was in T Bay ,
He has also brought an RS Aero look on u tube , 21 st century Laser weights same as an oppy

The shortest distance travelled goes to the one and only John no mates Burnell 300 yards and he still goes on about his bad knee, and has to use the car .

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