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Report on Round Ynys Mon 2 Stage Race

Race 1 Saturday 23rd July

Some bleary eyes were seen gathering in the clubhouse for the skipper's briefing at 07:00. Our thanks go to Geoff for running the launch from 06:30 to get the skipper's off the moorings for the briefing. John Jones' briefing covered the safety aspects of the course with the experienced skippers adding advice. A decision was made to communicate on Channel 6 to avoid clashes with the marina traffic for the 08:00 start but this proved awkward as it was monopolised for

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Report on The Offshore Cruiser Race from Holyhead to Eastmouse and Back.

An early start at 0800 on Saturday 18th June with light Northwesterly winds and a warm sunny morning. The 5 competing boats gathered for the start organised by Sue James from Madam Wen. Phil Livingston got a great start on Just Enough followed by Lily with Madam Wen, Hierro and Woodwind all setting a good pace. 

Lily, with her large No 1 genoa didn't take long to reel in Just Enough on a fetch out of the harbour drifiting through the holes in the wind and from then on lead the race over the water. After leaving the harbour a tight beat upto Carmel Head saw Hierro laying off a few degrees from Lily and Just Enough's track while Madam Wen tacked early to the West to try and get a lift from the tide. 

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Offshore Racing July 2016

The July race series is again being run as a tandem event. The IRC Class Trophy the Carlsberg Trophy and the NHC Class Trophy the David Hague Trophy.

Race 4 Report 27th July

With light south westerly winds the last race in this month's series started with the yachts raising spinnakers on a slow approach to start line. From the start there was very close racing with Just J leading the pack but everyone else running pretty much abreast. Carpe DIem to the wall side and Just Enough to the Jetty side.

As the fleet set off towards Meath

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May Cruiser Races 2016

NHC Race Series Cpt Copeland Trophy 


The 4th race in the May series was contested by 6 yachts with a generally improved performance at the start with very close positioning as the yachts moved towards the start line. In a northerly 10 – 15kn wind Lily got the windward line of the leading yachts down to the harbour entrance. Just Enough was running slightly ahead and Houdini level but to leeward, using her normal windward ability to gradually close up on Lily.

Pipedreamer was the first to tack onto Starboard at the end of the wall followed by Lily both yachts loosing out eventually to Houdini as she kept her track across to the eastern side of the bay. With one long tack Houdini just failed to take the lead by the first mark Bolivar, Pipedreamer just making it round the mark first. The leg to Penrhos was a dead run but having to clear Clipera to seaward the initial spinnaker set on Port tack proved to be the wrong choice. Just Enough jybed and headed up to try to take benefit from the remaining current while Pipedreamer and Houdini were in very close contact both jybing to run to Clipera. Lily struggling with her new “Mr Motivator” spinnaker decided to reset the spinnaker to a Starboard tack before hoisting causing her foredeck crew a few issues. The subsequent delay to Lily's progress dropped her out of contention with the other leading boats. Carpe Diem was by now making significant progress and had an excellent spinnaker leg to Penrhos. At Clipera the yachts all had to jybe for the line to Penrhos, this was the first spinnaker jybe on Lily since her arrival on the racing scene in Holyhead and went remarkably smoothly!

Pipedreamer and Houdini were still at close quarters as they approached Penrhos with the two yachts taking different courses after the mark, Pipedreamer tacking early round the mark and Houdini running out to the east side of the course. Just Enough rounded Penrhos next well ahead of Lily with Carpe Diem running close enough to worry all the lead boats on handicap.

Incantation was not carrying a spinnaker and had a few issues early in the race, she retired as she was so far behind as she came towards the harbour entrance. The final positions over the water were Houdini, Pipedreamer, Just Enough, Lily and Carpe Diem.

This was the last race in the May series and with one discard the winners of both the IRC and the NHC series was Houdini with Carpe Diem taking second place in the NHC. The two sets of results can be seen on the following pages:

NHC May Race Series:

IRC May Race Series

The third race in the series was the first with a spinnaker start, a light northwesterly wind instaead of the light to moderate northeasterly winds for the last two races.

The racing in the Club is now very closely contested with 7 boats competing in the series. The crews on Just Enough and Lily are beginning to get to grips with their new boats and giving the more established crews a run for their money. Houdini and Lily got the best starts with Incantation over the line, having to re-round the start line end. The two leading boats took different courses out of the harbour with Lily to the south and Houdini closer to the wall. Lily, chased by Just Enough, made the better progress out into the bay with Pipedreamer following Houdini. The two boats to the north made better progress once out of the harbour up to Bolivar but all 4 boats were very close at the mark with Lily just stealing back 3rd place over Just Enough as they dowsed their assymetric spinnaker. Carpe Diem making good progress compared to the leading boats on handicap.

As the yachts beat back into the harbour Pipedreamer lived up to the second part of her name heading straight in and, realising that they should be rounding Clippera to Starboard, suddenly changed course to head down to the mark. Lily was very slowly gaining on Houdini but could not make to windward as well once the two boats had rounded the mark and were tacking up to the finish.

Our thanks as usual go to Wendy Argyle and Sue James for their work on the Quarter Deck.

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