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June Cruiser Race Series 2016

The final race in this series was run on Wednesday 29th June in light Westerly winds. Wendy set a shorter course as there were concerns over the wind dying away so course 2 was chosen, Clipera, Penrhos, Meath and ODM. Again there were some yachts missing with Pipedreamer having returned from her Ireland adventure but not competing and Houdini missing due to her skipper being unwell. Get well soon David...

Just J was over the line

 at the start and had to re-start but Lily Carpe Diem and Just Enough getting good starts. A spinnaker run from the start to Clipera gave Lily the lead at the first mark with Just Enough keeping ahead of Just J. After the beat to Penrhos the three leading yachts were very close but on the next leg up to Meath Just J and Just enough managed to overtake Lily with a slight increase in wind speeds as we re-entered the harbour. The final beat to the finish line favouredd Just J but there was a very tight finish with just 22 seconds between the Just J first Just Enough second. Carpe Diem was a mere 3 minutes adrift on the leader under the NHC corrected times.

The NHC result saw Lily in first place, Just Enough second and Carpe Diem in third but in the IRC it was Just Enough, Just J and then Lily. The final results in the NHC series 

  1. Just J
  2. Just Enough
  3. Lily
  4. Carpe Diem
  5. Incantation
  6. Houdini
  7. Flying Dragon

The final results in the IRC series shows the same order but without the non IRC yachts.

  1. Just J
  2. Just Enough
  3. Lily
  4. Incantation
  5. Houdini
  6. Flying Dragon

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The third race held in moderate SSW winds saw a smaller than normal turnout, Carpe Diem and Houdini missing out on this race. Last night's race saw a massive improvement in the performance of Flying Dragon who took the wall side starting point and battled for the lead with Just J most of the way round the course. 

Lily and Just Enough were initially in close persuit but after a spinnaker disaster on Lily aproaching the first mark of the race, Clipera, Just Enough had to alter course to avoid the strugling Lily. This was the first Course 4, Clipera, Penrhos, Bolivar and ODM, to be run this year, a great course for last night's race. 

Lily took some time to recover and Just Enough managed to pull ahead by the time they aproached Penrhos. All the leading 4 boats were again flying spinnakers for the run to Bolivar with Lily flying the smaller, less colourful of her two and the others with their assymetrics. At Bolivar, Incantation had almost caught up with these two boats and was going very well without flying her spinnaker but something went wrong and she floundered for a long time, eventually running in last over the water.

NHC Results for June Series

IRC Results for June Series