Sailing Classes

Our First Starter Race

The object of this race was to get more yachts out on club events. This was a great success with an entry of 7 yachts. A wide variety of yachts took part including some of the normal Holyhead racing fleet. On Lily and Incantation crews were mainly new recuits or swaps so a lot of different sailing techniques were discussed and attempted. This race was course 5 on the club list and takes in Meath, Penrhos, Meath, Penrhos, Clipera and Outer Distance Mark. The weather was superb with a consistent 12 - 19 kt South Westerly breeze and plenty of sunshine. 

Here is the track

 from Lily's AIS if you click on the image you will go to the Marine Traffic website showing the original and if you mouse over the boat image at any point of the 

chart you see the speed and course at that time.



Here is a link to a photo album of the race, you can add your photos to this album: