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Class Captain: Craig Hughes
Contact: 07775680075 / E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2015 Squib Fleet Planning Meeting agenda CLICK HERE

Holyhead Squib Fleet, Squib 226Holyhead Sailing Club has a thriving Squib fleet, with new members and boats joining all the time. The fleet currently stands at 20 boats, however we welcome new-comers with open arms.

The Squib Fleet enjoys a packed sailing schedule,  racing three times a week:

  • Sunday Morning - Race start 10:30
  • Wednesday Evening - Race start 18:40
  • Friday Evening - Race start 18:30

The regular scheduled racing takes place in either the New Harbour (inside the breakwater limits) the Outer Harbour, or Penrhos Bay - dependent on wind direction, speed and other weather related conditions. Normally racing will utilise any one of a number of race marks, laid to provide the best, and most challenging competition.

Holyhead Squib Fleet - one day regatta, JuneIn addition the fleet will often arrange Mini regatta's - one day events, consisting of 4 or more races, held back to back, in order to maximise the use of the boats during the season. This has been extremely successful in the past, and has proved an attractive draw to new members/owners looking for close quarter, single class racing.



Holyhead Squib Fleet - Rutland Insland Championships 2012 Some of the fleet on tour, Squib Inland Championships, Rutland Waters.

Enjoying an apres-sail drink or two, prior to the real action on the water. Dont mind if I do??