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Squib results Friday night 5.8.16

Cogger has asked me to put in an updated version... A lot of work! spaces after words before punctuation, line feeds everywhere etc..... ARGHH and I am still not sure it makes any sense... :-)
With the course set as pathfinder by N West, lobster pot by Mackenzie, Clippera, lobster pot, breakwater, lobster pot, finish.
Jash offered to be pathfinder but this gallant act came back to bite him on the bum. When Jash open the gate three boats piled in but Bob was late and wind backed causing Jash to sail further down much to the glee of the early boys.
Pat came over the radio asking rounding directions of lobster pot as he hoped he’d be first. He was first but Craig and Cogger go their kite up first and Pat let them pass to windward thank was heard being passed to Patriot. Next to the lobster pot was Bob and Ieuan in Fizzle then two Georges in Sundancer just piped Jash and Steve .
Then the dead run to clippera.
The tide was strong left to right at clippera and with lots of tacking and covering up the beat back into the harbour Bobonski, Patriot, fizzle, Granant, Sundancer were the final positions before the mad rush to get Liane’s talk about her swim around Anglesey all in aid of Craig Steadmans lifeboat fund a great evening had by all.



Squib Results Sunday 31 st July 2016

Very light winds prevailed at HSC on Sunday so it was decided to race within the confounds of the outer harbour .
There was some very frustrating moments on the beats with boats all going at different speeds and directions and much scratching of heads.
Granant covered the fleet with Alky Pops going from 2nd to 5th Bobonski with Capt Tudor crewing went from 5th to 2nd.
Yes my lady went from 6th to 3rd much to the amusement of the watching crowd at the festival on the front.
Cybi just couldn't get it going at all and is changing fleets to enter the kestrel nationals as crew .
  1. Granant,
  2. Bobonski,
  3. Yes my lady,
  4. Patriot,
  5. Alky Pops
  6. Fizzle
  7. Cybi .
Next race Wednesday evening be there while you can

Squib results Sunday 14th course confusion!

Line start. Beat to first mark, wind picks up white horses in the bay, big waves in the bay lots of surfing down wind and water on the deck up wind.
Confusion on the course resulted in Richard D and Jash over standing the jetty this was mainly caused by trying to do it all over the radio  while talking to Port control.
At least we kept out of the way of the ferries.
Due to the heated discussion over lunch and to keep everybody happy it was decided to take the results on position at Penrhos.
Good luck to pot hunter Richard in his new job crewing a Kestrel.
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Squib Nationals 2016 Team Holyhead

The team has returned. Here are the results:

Position Helm abnd Crew Results
19. Chris Hogan / Ricardo Roberts
22. Richard Date / Mark Mcgarry
35 Gareth Pritchard / Steve Panad Mcquirk
37 Craig Hughes/ Cogger Jones
44 David Hall / David Battye
45 Mathew Roberts / Tudor Roberts

It was hard sailing!

Squib Race Results for 2015

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