Grey Matter(s) par Tom Jacobi, Bryan Adams

Grey Matter(s) par Tom Jacobi, Bryan Adams

Titre de livre: Grey Matter(s)

Auteur: Tom Jacobi, Bryan Adams

ISBN: 3777425761

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Tom Jacobi, Bryan Adams avec Grey Matter(s)

Colours are only reflected light, assembled in our brains, which is also known as "grey matter". Tom Jacobi spent two years photographing archaic landscapes throughout the world. He discovered mystic places that had been created by nature over the millennia and that are nonetheless timeless. When photographed in the twilight world they unfold their immortal power. In 2014 the English newspaper The Guardian declared grey as the "colour of the decade". In his latest publication Tom Jacobi, photographer of our best-seller "Wo Gott wohnt" (2000), reduces "our world to the essential; our blue planet is in reality a grey one. No colour pyrotechnics, no distraction, pure introspection and meditation. In is a miracle," observes Bryan Adams. From Europe to Africa, from Australia to the Antarctis and from the USA to Patagonia we follow the long-standing Art Director of Stern on his journey to the timeless beauty of nature. Monumental, moving and penetrating into the very heart of things, we encounter landscapes which teach us to gaze in wonder and awe.

Tom Jacobi is a German photographer and former art director of the German magazine "Stern." "