The Thrice Named Man III: Sasanian (English Edition) par Hector Miller

The Thrice Named Man III: Sasanian (English Edition) par Hector Miller

Titre de livre: The Thrice Named Man III: Sasanian (English Edition)

Auteur: Hector Miller

Broché: 352 pages

Date de sortie: November 28, 2018

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Hector Miller avec The Thrice Named Man III: Sasanian (English Edition)

The year is 225 AD and the Roman Empire is on the brink of a precipice.
It will take a man with iron in his veins to set things right and accomplish the impossible.
From a humble upbringing, a boy emerges who is destined to change history.
This is the story of Lucius Domitius Aurelianus.

Part III: Sasanian
Returning to Sirmium as the unsung hero of Aquileia, Lucius settles down on the farm, at peace with his life as a civilian.
Before long, the boy Emperor Gordian III calls him back into service when the barbarian hordes raid deep into Roman lands.
His reputation precedes him and with the help of unlikely allies, Rome carries the day.
In the east, Ardashir the Unifier, shahansha of the newfound Sasanian Empire is consolidating his power. His son, prince Shapur, desires to see the glory of the Old Persian Empire restored and expands his territory into Roman Syria.
The guardian of Gordian III, Gaius Timesitheus, sends Lucius on a mission to scout the lay of the land, while Rome prepares for war.
Unaware of the conflicts in the barbarian lands to the east, our hero and his friends soon find themselves embroiled in a war between the Sasanians and the power hungry Kushan Empire.
Helped by his barbarian allies and his friends, he returns home to prepare his legion for the coming onslaught.
Gordian III opens the gates of the temple of Janus in Rome, and marches to war.
But the Empire is not only beset from outside. Unscrupulous men covet the purple. Powerful enemies, more dangerous than the Sasanians lurk within. Will Lucius be able to navigate the mire that Rome has become?